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An enthusiastic group of Eagle Valley High School parents of past, present and future Devils, alumni of EVHS, and caring community members have just launched the Eagle Valley High School Foundation in Eagle County. Their motto is “Weaving a Strong Community of Support” and they’re doing so by ambitiously promoting their cause to generate an endowment fund that will be used to financially support student activities, both athletic and academic.


Mark Strakbein, the Principal of Eagle Valley High School, is a member of the Foundation Board, as well as the recipient of the 2009-10 Colorado High School Principal of the Year Award. “I am proud that our parents, alumni and community are taking measures to ensure that we can offer our students “the best of the best” in their young lives,” said Strakbein. “If we can offer them access to outstanding activities and programs, we are creating a rich high school experience for many of them and fostering growth of immeasurable confidence.”

The EVHS Foundation Board is asking the Eagle Valley community to support their non-profit with contributions of both volunteer time and financial donations. The EVHS Foundation is offering many levels of financial “sponsorships” to those in the business community. Their kick-off event, a dinner-dance gala in February, will be titled “FIRE & ICE” and will be held at Eagle’s Adam’s Rib Ranch.

“At school, I encourage our students to recognize EVHS’s role as a “cornerstone of our community” and to take that responsibility seriously,” said Strakbein. “This Foundation is bound to make our entire community stronger. Our students deserve the best!”

For more details about how you can help support the EVHS Foundation, please contact Jill Smirl at (970) 376-1282 or Laurie Asmussen at (970) 376-3756.

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